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Who We Are

Since 1922, we’ve been serving people of Hungarian descent strengthen their heritage in the Greater Chicago Area.


What We Do

We sponsor causes, events and scholarship program to support the Hungarian identity of our community and for the next generations.


Working Together

Come support our efforts by joining our team of volunteers who are excelling in organizing annual meetings and fundraising events for all ages.

Remembering 60 years ago …

It was dawn ... the day the Russians struck again. We were awakened by the roar of heavy guns. The radio was a shambles. All we got was the national anthem, played over and over again, and continual repetition of Premier Nagy's announcement that after a token resistance we must cease fighting and appeal to the free world for help . . .

Hungarian journalist George Paloczi-Horvath || reported to London Daily Herald

Honoring the 1956 Hungarian Freedom Fighters.

Specifications on publishing in the Commemorative Booklet.

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Our Annual Events

Throughout the year, we bring together people of all ages to celebrate the Hungarian culture and tradition by enjoying its great cuisine, music and dances. Our volunteer team plays an important role in carefully organizing these events. Come join and be part of our next event!


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We are pleased to share the same values over the decades.