Call for Application: Scholarship Winter 2018 / Rules and Regulations

One of the most important permanent charitable activities of the Club is its own Scholarship Program, which is the only financial support organization for educational purposes aimed at American Hungarian undergraduate and graduate students in the entire midwest region.

2017 Scholarship Committee /left to right/ Major, Klára; Dr. Németh, Károly; Lassú, Boldizsár; Julius, Nádas; Kovács, Zoltán; Fábián, Sára

Getting young people involved in the community is one of the principle goals of the club today. The members realize that it is not enough to address their own older generation and get them involved in the activities to preserve and promote national identity, but it is equally important that the next generations realize and cherish these values.

Naturally, younger Hungarians who were already born in the US have assimilated much more than the older generations. It is important to bear in mind that their education as well as American culture and traditions should also play an important role. This mentality is reflected in the scholarship as well: the students awarded are American Hungarian students studying in American institutions who also play an active role in the Hungarian community.

2017 Scholarship Recipients awarded at the Gala Ball on January 28th /right to left/ Daczó, Jessica; Vitális, Melinda; Fekete, Enikő Szidónia; Albert, Enikő

Applications are evaluated by Club’s Scholarship Committee. Evaluations of the applications are done based on the following criteria: academic performance, quality of the content of the essay, community work and exceptional involvement in the life of the Hungarian community.

A maximum score of 100 can be achieved. The total amount of scholarships is at least $2500, but depending on the donations received, it may increase. The “Pál Saláta Scholarship”, which is the highest possible amount of financial aid, is awarded to the student with the highest score.

The scholarships are partly financed from the club’s budget, and partly from various sources of support. The program has attracted both individuals and other organizations as supporters and without their donations it would not be possible to offer scholarships year after year.

Over the past few decades, many have donated money to this program, among whom the most outstanding supporters are Péter Várhegyi and his wife, László Morócz, Dr. Lajos Szathmáry, the Kossuth Club, St. Stephen King of Hungary Church, Pál Saláta and his family, the William Penn Association, and Father Alfonz Skerl. Without their generous donations and other contributions the club would not have been able to support such a great number of students for two decades.

Past Applications:

2017 Scholarship Program Rules and Regulations (EN & HU)

  • Fun Facts

    Twenty-four years of scholarship winners in the annual Hungarian Club scholarship drive.


Students awarded with the Scholarship 1994 – 2017:

Albert, Enikő / Balogh, Ákos / Baksay, Banks Maria / Baricz, Róbert / Barlea, Claudia / Biczó, Berta / Clancy, Rockwell F / Cservenák, Julianna / Cservenák, Michael / Cservenák, Tamás / Csicsai, Eszter / Csicsai, Ágnes / Daczo, Jessica / Demeter, Tamás / Demeter, Rebeka / Fábián, Sára / Fodor, Andrea / Fekete, Enikő Szidonia / Hablik, Éva / Horvát, Sabolch Alec / Kapusi, Éva / Katona, László / Klozer, Anikó / Koch, Amanda / Kovács , Andrew / Kovács, Réka / Lakatos, Fanni / Lassú, Boldizsár / Lauer, Abigail / Lukács, Péter / Megyeri, Csilla / Molnár, Zita / Mozsi, Timea / Nádas, Gyula / Németh, Hajnalka / Németh, Ilona / Németh, Ágnes / Répay, Nathanial / Sándor, Kinga / Sándor, Renáta / Stranyicyki, Imola / Suhayda, Stephen / Szilágyi, Stefi / Vajda, Viktor / Vajdova, Veronika / Vályi Nagy, Zsófia / Vályi Nagy, Tibor / Varga, Peter P Jr / Varjú, László / Vass, György / Végh, Andrew / Végh, Alex / Vella, Andrea / Vella, Viktoria / Vitális, Melinda / Zsigmond, Csilla

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